Episode 35: Teleportation

George is back after a summer of fun and ready to start school. He tells me that he is going to invent a teleportation system using his kindergarten education. George shares his summer experience at Hershey Park and tells about our new sponsor: Stinky Feet. We also do the giggles and the math.

George’s Teleportation System

Episode 31: The ABC Song

We got the sillies on this episode of The NotHans Podcast. George returns as the co-host. George shares some stories, his version of the ABC song, and introduces us to his monster character. We hope everyone has a great holiday season, stays healthy, and gets to be silly.

Episode 28: The Giggles

Sometimes you get the cases of the giggles. George is back once again as the co-host of The NotHans Podcast… THE NOTHANS PODCAST. George answers the age-old question: Do you like school or daddy better? He recreates the sound from mama tooting and a snowblower. The microphone tastes sour.