Episode 36: Something’s Fishy Around Here

George co-hosts a new episode to kick off 2023. George shares the big news about Phineas Scharler. He gives us an impression of our new fish and tells us about mathematics, electricity, and LEDs. We introduce a new sponsor of the show.

Phineas Scharler

Episode 35: Teleportation

George is back after a summer of fun and ready to start school. He tells me that he is going to invent a teleportation system using his kindergarten education. George shares his summer experience at Hershey Park and tells about our new sponsor: Stinky Feet. We also do the giggles and the math.

George’s Teleportation System

Episode 33: Basketball Jones

Geoge returns as cohost of The NotHans Podcast. He gets the giggles out, does the math, shares his latest Spanish words, and tells us all about basketball. George wears himself on this podcast telling a long story about Charlie Brown and doing his favorite sounds. Like and subscribe.

Episode 31: The ABC Song

We got the sillies on this episode of The NotHans Podcast. George returns as the co-host. George shares some stories, his version of the ABC song, and introduces us to his monster character. We hope everyone has a great holiday season, stays healthy, and gets to be silly.

Episode 30: Going for a Drive

George returns, again. It’s been a hell of a year and George tells us about some things that he learned, he tells us about how he took down a tornado, and we go for a drive to Target and McDonald’s. George also introduces a new segment to The NotHans Podcast: the fart giggles.

Episode 28: The Giggles

Sometimes you get the cases of the giggles. George is back once again as the co-host of The NotHans Podcast… THE NOTHANS PODCAST. George answers the age-old question: Do you like school or daddy better? He recreates the sound from mama tooting and a snowblower. The microphone tastes sour.