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Review from That Podcast ShowThe NotHans Podcast received it’s first review from “That Podcast Show” produced by Imaginate Productions and hosted by Bryan, Jana, and Daniel. On episode 33 of their podcast, they examainmed the content, length, and humor of The NotHans Podcast. The overall rating was 2.5 stars out of 5, so that’s not bad and not good at the same time.

The cast and crew of The NotHans Podcast would to say thanks for the review and the comments and hope to put them to good use.

To listen to the review on the their podcast, check out episode 33 of Edgy Reviews from That Podcast Show.

Here is the written review from their show notes:

Comedian Hans Scharler hosts this completely not-serious show. The humor is like that found in The Onion, America’s fake news source. Hans finds comedy in most topics including movies, politics, sports. Each episode is no more than five minutes, and we would actually like to see the episodes lengthened. The NotHans Podcast is full of of vocal variations and tone inflections demonstrating Hans vocal diversity. Music and sound-effects add to the show’s comedic effect. Hans Scharler is wetting some appetites but still gives the impression that he is unsure of the show’s direction. Currently, The NotHans Podcast is flapping in the wind. With more episodes, we hope Hans Scharler grows more focused on what The NotHans Podcast is really meant to be. Rating 2.5/5

That Podcast Show


  1. I happen to like the “quick” clip approach. I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts where I feel like they don’t “respect my time” and they’ll babble for 10 minutes about cheese.

    All the while not realizing that I’ve already cut them off and moved on at a more expedited pace…

    For the ADD generation it’s.. Ohhh, look lunch!

  2. The review makes some valid points about the length. The show can be longer to help setup and follow through with some of the jokes. But, I do agree that some podcasts go on and on and could use some editing.

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