Two Story House For Sale

I have for sale a slightly used house. The house has 2 stories, one where a a guy died in the living room and the other where Edna spilled grape juice on my purple shag carpeting (it’s hardly noticeable). The kitchen has hardwood floors and the family room floor is completely bearskin. The basement is not included. The back yard has a bug zapper, a used tire for swinging, and a carcase of what we believe is a mongoose (the snake won this round). Sold as is. Serious inquires only.


Interview with Johnny 5

Hans on the Great SphinxOn this week’s episode of The NotHans Podcast, brought to you by rackets, Hans interviews Johnny 5, the robotic actor from Short Circuit. Number 5 is alive and has lots to say about WALL-E. Hans shares his bucket list and thoughts on the 4th of July. We also get an update on the iPod giveaway.

I Kissed a Girl

The song “I Kissed a Girl” from Katy Perry topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts today. This “controversial” song is ripping up iTunes, downloads, and YouTube. I am not sure what’s the big deal. I kissed a girl once.